The Destinations EP

by InMe

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released June 1, 2014

All music by Dave McPherson, Greg McPherson, Gazz Marlow and Simon Taylor. Song written by Dave McPherson. Produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Curtis at CDS Studios.



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InMe England, UK


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Track Name: Pelorus Jack
And I know you inside out.

When I'm lost I'm found in your sound.

You're the secret that drowns my doubt.

You break my fall before I hit the ground.

You keep my days in colour.

I open my hope & you flood her.

And hope is but a strong ship.

She copes through storms & hardship.

So I float up like a bubble to be lost & never found with my head in the clouds.

Swim away from the noise & the swarming crowds like a shoal of fish.

I finally know my destination.

My sacrifice will be my only salvation.

And I miss those early days.

But I cannot say I've changed all my ways.

Staying the same has such a cost to pay.

And this rainbow's turning grey.

We are super heroes in disguise.

Another bird falls to the ground as the mother cries.
Track Name: Anthemusa
Broken hearts never fully repair when the love that ended still lingers somewhere.

If melody is my destiny then what's left of me I'll give to you.

Songs of love they deal in absolutes.

Nobody in the world can make me feel like you do.

The truth is love is not black or white & is never unconditional.

No I'm not allowed to have anything to do with you, you made that clear.

Everything that you said was a lie & we'll die without saying one final goodbye.

You treat me like a stranger, an adverse danger, your arch nemesis, the man who tried to change you.

But I'm just your friend once again & I'll always be there waiting until the end.

I know what I've done, inside I know what I've become.

From concerned mouths it echoes like a mirror reflects the sun.

It blinds me yet it binds me to the warming glow of hope.

And maybe this is as good as I get at mastering self cope.

Just call it bad timing to have an episode of mental illness.

I don't know what I should call this?

Please forgive me.

I was born to try to defeat this, whatever it is.
Track Name: Driftwood Figurines
The destination is a lost location.

The realisation that we're all patients of ruthless dictators.

We're just roofless painters.

Painting stories of former glories.

Driftwood figurines.

Myths blow them to smithereens.

I don't want anyone to know what I've done.

If they knew they'd have my back against the wall for I've sinned.

It's my secret & I will keep it for always.

I will pay someday for all of this won't go astray.

It remains in my veins & drains the pain straight to my heart.

This was my design.

I couldn't swallow my own advice.

And now I must pay the price.

A debt I cannot afford.

A threat that cannot be ignored.

The dreams have all been washed ashore.

Someone's normality is another's insanity.

No new beginnings, this is the sea that I swim in (forever).

You are what you drink & my vessel she sinks in this illness.

Your freedom's my prison.

Oh how I so wish you could feel this.
Track Name: Beached Whales
This is all that we are, just freckles on her cheek.

Her every sweet moan beckons us to seek a love insatiable.

Ungrateful martyrs depart us to lands unchartered.

I can't believe we were destined for nothing, I thought we had something.

Beached whales sing their songs.

Once strong but now weak.

We are slaves to our own dreams.

These precious lands slowly begin to break.

We pushed & we pulled 'til she gave birth to an earthquake.

Shadows dart from the cracks in our hearts & they merge into darkness.

We live our hardest.

All my demons I exorcise for you.

All my pain that I paint on this canvas is for you.

And if it all comes crashing down on me I'll drown with a smile.

This is the way it goes time & time again.

This is the way it goes.